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Job Hunt Strategy
Job Hunt Strategy
5 Top Myths on How to Land a Job

5 Top Myths on How to Land a Job

Whether you’re looking for your first-ever job or your 10th, you’ll run into myths about landing a job. Don’t let these myths distract you from doing what it really takes to find and land the job you want.
Getting Started
Are You Thinking About Contract or Part-Time Work as a Stopgap?

Part Time as a Stopgap

Get tips on how to put together part-time work that covers your expenses without taking too much time away from your full-time job search.
Career Assessment
What Type of Sales Job Is Right for You?

What Type of Sales Job?

Inside or outside sales? Straight commission or salary? Check out these questions and more to find out what type of sales job is the right one for you.
Company & Industry Research
Part-Time Jobs for Auto Technicians

Part-Time Jobs

Moonlighting can liven up your career as an auto tech and build your skills in new areas. Consider the possibilities.
Professional Networking
Networking for Veterans

Vets' Connection

Networking is a key job search strategy for everyone -- even veterans. Are you expanding your contacts? These resources can help.
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